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Trailbike tours in Spain with trailbikespain. Part 2


BAJA 500 TOUR – further details

Day 1: El Perelló – Tortosa – Valderrobes – After a first night at the welcoming Hotel Panavera, a tranquil oasis in the heart of our local village, we begin a long day’s riding, first through the Terra Alta, starting low in the Burga valley then climbing through the Sierra de les Moles, across Mount Cardo & down into the regional capital of Tortosa for lunch in the beautiful indoor market. After lunch, we head inland, climbing 20 km to the top of Mount Caro, the entrance to the spectacular Ports National Park. From here we ride fast, wide tracks mixed with steep inclines through the pine forests of the Sierra de les Escales. After an optional swim in the Penarroya lagoon, we head to our destination, the mediaeval town of Valderrobes, staying in the well-appointed Hotel Salt right next to the old walled town itself.


Day 2: Valderrobes – Belmont – Valderrobes – today we will cover approximately 200 km, initially through the tight & twisty forest tracks of the Sierra de Penarroya. After a hearty lunch in a traditional Aragonese restaurant, we head out into desert terrain, home of the famous Spanish Baja raid. Here we cover a 60 km fast special stage from last year’s event, then climbing back across the Sierra de Penarroya & back down into Valderrobes for our second night at the Hotel Salt. As on all other evenings, the assistance truck will be waiting for our luggage and spares, etc.

Day 3: Valderobes – Falset – Prades – an early start today as again we have over 200 km to cover. After breakfast it’s onwards towards Gandesa, across the stunning northern edges of the Ports National Park, passing through the beautiful village of Horta Sant Joan, and then on towards our lunch stop in Falset, capital of the Priorat wine-making region. Following lunch, a long afternoon’s riding takes us to the breathtaking views & rock formations of the Montsant National Park, climbing to the village of Siurana on it’s mountain edge. Then a rocky hour’s riding to tonight’s destination, Prades, and a well-earned night’s sleep in the lovely Hotel Espasa.


Day 4: Prades – Vandellos – El Perelló – last day’s riding……by now we are in a rhythm and just don’t want this to end. Another long ride, dropping down from the Montsant Park, passing through Priorat and arriving for lunch in the village of Vandellos, nestled in the foothills of the Sierra d’Almos. Our last challenge is to climb this mountain range, riding on fairly technical rocky tracks and eventually descending back into the Burga Valley & our final destination of El Perelló: back to base and one good last night out to really celebrate the tour.

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