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Our friends Motorcycle Tours. Marker Bear Motorcycle Tours 22 Day Tours.


Picture this. More than three weeks of touring through the Canadian Rockies and even Alaska! Relax.

You are riding a BMW R850 or R 1100, heading for Banff National Park. The roads are broad, clean and of superior quality. You can feel the sun shining straight through your visor, and you feel great. What a day!

In the distance, you can already see the glaciers and the eternal white summits of the Park. This view is spectacular. Later when the group rides through the summits, the panorama will be even more beautiful. If you’re lucky, you may even see a black bear or a grizzly bear.

The grandiosity here, the freedom and the silence. You will really feel it when the group pulls over for a little pause, you will take off your helmet and all of a sudden you feel so very tiny. Absolute silence, and all around you are majestic mountains of more than 3000 meters high; they are bigger, more impressive and rougher than anywhere else in the world: This is “Big Sky Country!” Everywhere you go people are friendly and helpful, and at the end of the day, at the campfire, while you breathe in the fresh, clean air you can lay back and relax. You already know this is going to be a holiday you will remember…. Well, motorcyclists, has my story made you enthusiastic? Please let me first introduce myself to you. I am Pieter Uithuisje from Marken, the Netherlands. With my company Marker Bear Motorcycle Tours, I organize motorcycle adventures throughout Alberta, British Columbia Canada, and Alaska. I accompany the groups myself. The Tour is meant for people with an eye for beautiful scenery and a mind for adventure. Luxury is not the main thing. Freedom is! Since the groups are small (i.e., seven motorbikes, seven people minimum and fourteen people maximum), and the guide is personal and flexible, there is room for the participants to put forward their ideas. The tour will be 22 days. The trip through the Canadian Rockies and Alaska takes 21 nights, seven of which are spent in a hotel or motel, the other 14 nights the group will be camping. The route is approximately 5200 km long, but the distance may vary. For instance when the group decides to ride a bit less one day, or when people want to spend more time in a particular place the distance will be less. That impressive distance of 5200 km will be driven quietly and at ease, with speeds between 80 and 100 km/hr, on roads with little traffic. Anybody can do this tour, even if you just passed your driving test recently.


You’ll be visiting the most beautiful spots of British Columbia and Alberta. The views on the endless straight roads alone just cannot be described: they are so incredibly beautiful!

Here is a small selection from the long list of highlights:

  • The sweet-smelling rain forest of Vancouver Island
  • The Pacific Rim National Park
  • The Famous Sea to Sky Highway
  • The Glacier Highway in Alaska
  • Jasper National Park: where you can go whitewater rafting on the river Maligne for three hours.
  • Banff National Park: where you could see a variety of wild animals and much more.
  • The Athabasca Falls
  • Tofino Beach: where you can watch for whales off the Pacific Ocean coast or on the beach.
  • The enormous, glaciers of the Columbian Ice Fields.
  • The seventeen hour Ferryboat trip from Prince Rupert to Vancouver Island where you are likely to spot whales playing around the little islands in the Pacific Ocean.
  • The southernmost point of Alaska, where you will likely see black bears catching salmon in the rivers.
  • For those of you who are interested: In Edmonton there is the biggest shopping mall in the world (800 shops!), with a roller coaster and an ice-hockey arena as well as much more.

Finally some practical tips: Take your own helmet and motor wear. The temperatures may vary greatly (from chilly to a baking 40° C!). Rainwear and mosquito repellent are essential. Paying your bills can be done easiest with Visa or MasterCard, but taking money from the cash dispenser is no problem either.


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