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Common Errors for New Riding Season


However, the local news reported the first motorcycle accident already. While the details are not known, they are predictable, are they not?

What are some of the common errors riders make starting a new season?

  • Bike is not ready to ride, tire pressures are not optimum
  • Riders are not ready to ride and need time to become re-acquainted with their machines and to sharpen their hazard awareness skills
  • Roads are cinder covered in most intersections and cross overs and be particularly hazardous on curves.

1.  Make sure your bike is ready to ride. Don’t overlook tire pressures as they can affect handling. Inspect your bike for any potential problems before you throw your leg over it.

2.  Make sure you are ready to ride. The winter may have lulled our senses when it comes to riding motorcycles. Give yourself time to get back into the swing of things. Start off slow and get re-acquainted with your bike. A little PLP (parking lot practice) may be in order. Do some turning and braking drills.

You will need some time in the saddle to sharpen your hazard detection skills as you may become euphoric over your first couple of rides.

Keep your head and eyes up and look through where you want to go or turn.

3. This time of year, the roads still have an abundant build up of salt and cinders that riders may not be accustomed to, especially while cornering. Make sure you are compensating for these factors.

4. Keep in mind that car drivers may not be anticipating motorcycles. Remember that it is best to ride as if you are invisible. Don’t forget about vehicle blind spots. Watch for angled vehicles entering the roadway with the additional “A” pillar and “B” pillar view obstructions.

Let’s be careful out there and add another safe riding season notch to our safety belts.

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